Matilda the Dandelion Queen - SOLD by Marjory Tait

Matilda the Dandelion Queen - SOLD
Original watercolour and pencil. Framed size 43cm W x 51cm H. Image size 23cm W x 25.5cm H. Wooden frame with white wash, double mounted in white with dark green coloured insert.

An original pencil drawing of a female toad, surrounded by a Celtic art style border formed from wild flowers by Marjory Tait of Highland Celtic Art.The other part of the inspiration arising from seeing toadspawn and dandelions on an early morning walk.

Wearing a crown of foxgloves, a plant of paradox; deadly poisonous but used in life saving heart treatments, its beauty as a wild plant links it through the ages to fairy tale and folklore.

The toad queen holds a bunch of early wild orchids which bloom in spring; in ancient woodland, grassland, hedgerows and road verges. Unique and beautiful wild flowers, once known in the Scottish Highlands as ‘Gràdh is Fuadh’, meaning ‘love and hate’. It was believed that eating the larger root of the orchid would make someone fall in love with you, but eating the smaller one would make them hate you.

To be sold with Kisme the Dandelion King only. The Queen and King need to stay together as pair. To buy online, please see listing for Kisme.

Image size 23cm W x 25cm H. White-washed wood frame. Glazed. Double mount; white with dark green. Overall size 43cm W x 51cm H.

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