Meet the Artist - Debbie Lee

8 October 2022 
free entry 11am - 1pm

Debbie Lee, textile and mixed media artist, invites you to join her informally at Alchemist Gallery on Saturday 8th October 2022, anytime between 11am and 1pm.

You can view the works in Debbie’s new exhibition and find out more about how these vibrant and detailed works are built up from original line drawings, through collage development and stitching.   


Debbie’s exhibition, 'The View From Where I Stand’, is now open to the public and runs until the end of 2022 at Alchemist Gallery, Dingwall.


“I have learned over time that what truly inspires me is not just the observation of the landscape and its beauty but being there and experiencing it with people I love, family, friends, and my dogs. In this way each piece of my art represents not just am image of the landscape as I see it but a point in time that I have spent and therefore an emotional quality tied to that time.”